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Crypto galaxy

CryptoGalaxy is a virtual world mobile game powered by blockchain which mirrors the true meaning of blockchain game. It is created by Zeepin team as a brand new project. It allows all data to run on top of a decentralized public chain catered to creative and entertainment industries Zeepin Chain. All in-game assets including planets, digging bots and crystals are made on-chain to create a world of democracy,fairness and transparency. As each asset has its own unique HASH code, you can check up your assets via ZeeScan. Start your fun-filled journey to space exploration now.

Game is free to play for all who wants to join and it has nice community where you can come and ask any question you like. Quite often you get answers from members but admins are always there to jump in.

Game was introduced in 2018 and till today it evolved from semi-blockchain game in version 1.6 to fully blockchain game in version 2.0. Team is in constant development and new updates are coming out approximately every month. There are about 16,000 players and till the day of writing 849 planets have been released on chain. There will be total of 4,100 planets and after last is released no more will be created.

It’s a nice looking mobile game with lot of potential because almost all actions you take reflect directly on-chain. Because of this you own your in game assets.


Telegram: Zeepin  , Galaxy Game

Medium: Zeepin & Galaxy

In Crypto Galaxy you have option to invite new people to a game and to build your alliance. It doesn’t matter if you own a planet or not because every new player can join the game with your code. For promoting the game you will gain percentage from that players earnings in minerals he dig or assets he earn. If you are capable to bring more people you will have a chance to earn extra just for shearing this game with your friends. If anyone creates new account without using a code all those rewards will go directly back to the game and will be redistributed back to whole universe.

If you like you can use a code e4hbqo and help supporting this site where you can find more “How to” articles about this game. You can also click on a picture to enlarge it and scan it with your phone (Android or iOS).

Team promised that they will give an option for old players  to join alliance by imputing codes because for now you can build alliances only with new players.

Crypto galaxy
Blockchain integration8.9
Team - Community6.4
fast on-chain transactions
on-chain unique and non-unique assets
option to build alliance
passive income for planet owners
free to play
inexperienced young team who often drifts with solutions and vision
Insiders Score
It’s a nice looking mobile game with lot of potential because almost all action you take reflect directly on-chain. Because of this you own your in-game assets


Survivor is definitely game about surviving but not surviving  somewhere in the wilderness where your knowledge about finding food and making shelter will come in first plan. Survivor is a game where you need to survive in space and you need mental strength, tactic and logic (and a pinch of luck).

This is an online game powered by Zeepin blockchain while containing a loot-drop system. As a part of CryptoGalaxy game with nice and solid design and graphics, each player owns a number of Spacemen who can land on any of the six planets he choose. With you spaceman you can land on one or on all six planets and with many spaceman as you wish. For that expedition you will need Gala tokens used in CryptoGalaxy game and Zeepin project as a currency token. Each 1 Gala represents 1 spaceman to play with. Minimum amount of spaceman you can land with is 10. After you land on desired planets alien space ship appear and fire most destructive weapon in whole Galaxy and destroy five of six planets. If your spacemen was on planets that survived they will start multiplying (creating little spacemen) and will bring you large amount of Gala tokens back.

Survivor is developed by dWin team that has over 1o years of extensive experience in gaming industry. They have successfully developed countless mobile and PC games. As blockchain technology is on its way to disrupt the status quo of game industries, the team is truly inspired to design a product that draws on the revolutionary tech of blockchain and could eventually become a “killer” one in game industry. dWin is totally independent Team that uses Zeepin block chain as architecture for this particular game. 

Survivor will take players on a virtual, fancy and rewarding, journey to the Galaxy. You can play it in single or auto mode and participate in hourly rewards.

Community Telegram: Survivor

Survivor is a part of CryptoGalaxy game and share same wallet so you can still build your alliance in game. For now there is no bonuses for inviting people to Survivor game
but for Crypto Galaxy all stands.

Blockchain integration9.6
Team - Community5.7
fast on-chain transactions. all actions are on chain
passive income for planet owners because of 0.6% of winning will go to planet owners in Crypto Galaxy game
auto mode for longer plays
"Lucky" bonus share among players
it is sophisticated dice game which can become boring fast if not added more playfulness in future
Insiders Score
It’s a nice looking mobile game with lot of potential because almost all action you take reflect directly on-chain. Because of this you own your in-game assets
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