Collecting force and placing your bot to mine

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9. June 2019. by tompaCro
force_for_ bots

After you created your account you can start digging minerals on planet. For that you will need your GalaBot which is your free bot mining Glore mineral. There are few types of bots but for now we stick to GalaBot. Each bot has speed and capacity levels. Higher level more speed and capacity it has. You can upgrade your bots by using Gala token which is currency token in Zeepin chain ecosystem.

To start digging you first need fuel for your bot. It’s called force and you can get it every 30 seconds on your main screen. White dot will appear and you click on in to gain force. Each force last for 1 hour and as default you have 6 force spots. After your force runs out your robot will stop digging and all minerals it dig will go instantly to your wallet/account. There is and option to buy extra spots so you can have your bot digging more time without needing to refill it with force. You can do multiple hits so you can get more force at once.

For now you can only dig on Consensus type planets. Nibiru type planets are not yet mine-able so don’t be surprised when you get a message that you can’t dig on some planets.



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