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15. August 2019. by tompaCro
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What is Crypto Galaxy game ?

CryptoGalaxy is a virtual world mobile game powered by blockchain which mirrors the true meaning of blockchain game. It is created by Zeepin team as a brand new project. It allows all data to run on top of a decentralized public chain catered to creative and entertainment industries Zeepin Chain. All in-game assets including planets, tokens and minerals are made on-chain to create a world of democracy,fairness and transparency. As each asset has its own unique HASH code, you can check up your assets via ZeeScan. Start your fun-filled journey to space exploration now.

Game is free to play for all who wants to join and it has nice community where you can come and ask any question you like. Quite often you get answers from members but admins are always there to jump in.

Game was introduced in 2018 and till today it evolved from semi-blockchain game in version 1.6 to fully blockchain game in version 2.1.2. Team is in constant development and new updates are coming out approximately every month. There are about 16,000 players and till the day of writing 875 planets have been released on chain. There will be total of 4,100 planets and after last is released no more will be created.

How to start ?

You can start playing game for free by inputting existing Zeepin wallet (created either in CG game or in ZeeWallet) . If you are starting from scratch you will need to create new id bay inputting you User name and password. Optional data is Country, Code.

By entering the code you help the player who introduced you to this game because 5% or rewards goes to him. If you don’t enter the code those 5% goes back to the game ecosystem. You can use this code e4hbqo to join this alliance we build. In later stage we will organize reward system for all players.

After you input all your data you will get your keystore text which is your representation of wallet private key together wit password you set earlier. Keystore should be stored in safe and secure place on mobile phone or on PC (you can save QR code somewhere also). For password i suggest to memorize it or write it down on paper. Keep keystore and password separate because if anyone gets it they will have access to your account and all your assets.

 After you created your account and backup your private data you are set to go ?  More informations and how to video find here.


Goal of the game ?

After you created new account you will get free 1000 Glore minerals and 1 Gala bot who will be your first robot which you can use to dig more Glore minerals. Minerals you got can use as a build element to upgrade your bot so it can gain more speed and capacity which means more minerals at the end.  Another option to use minerals is to power space ship and explore Galaxy for rewards. You can also try to sell those minerals to other players in Crypto Galaxy game.

Ultimate goal of this game is to find a planet so other people who comes to play can dig on your planet. By doing so 10% of minerals they dig will got to you as a planet owner. This way you can create passive income for your self.


Game assets and game items ?

There are three basic in game assets Planets, Minerals and Bots  plus Zeepin game tokens you can use ZPT,GALA and ZUSD. All in game assets can be seen on chain explorer with their circulating and max supply. Those are blockchain elements.

On the other side you have in game items in form of cards. Those items can help you for example give force, collect planet pieces, crypto pieces etc. Those items are not on chain because they are only specific for Crypto Galaxy game.

Both assets and item can be traded in Crypto Galaxy Market place where you can trade with other players but also buy from Game Store.


There are two types of planets in Crypto Galaxy universe. Consensus and Nibiru type planets. There will be no more than 4100 planets in total and each planet is unique and because of it represents ultimate reward. Consensus planet is a digging type of planet where you can place your robots to collect minerals. Nibiru type for now is collect-able assets whit no other function yet. Every 2400 block minerals are distributed to each planet so diggers can collect it. Each planet also has different properties like color, surface, planetary ring etc. You will notice some planets have uniqueness +, or ++. Still uniqueness factor is not know yet what will represent but will certainty have impact on the planet resources.

Obtaining own planet

You can have planet in three different ways. First you can buy it on Crypto Galaxy market from other players. Second you can win it in ship explorations the galaxy but only with specific ships (Prometheus – Nibiru planet type, Covernant – Consensus and Nibiru types)

And third way is to collect all planet pieces you can find in ship explorations trough Galaxy. There are three planet pieces Geo,Bryne and Yuri piece. Each one can be find with one ship (Pellaeon class, Star destroyer or Prometheus) or you can find all of them wit Covernant star ship. When you collect all pieces you simple exchange them for random planet by unlocking it on Home screen.

Collecting minerals

After your bot has been digging on a planet for some time it’s time to collect rewards. In the beginning while your bot is not fully upgraded you will need to come and fill your bot with force more often but later how it grows periods will be smaller. To access your bot again go to Bots menu from main screen and there you will find all bots you own. Just click on any of them and more information will follow. There you can click collect for each bot or use Collect all button from previous menu. If your bot runs out of force it will be empty automatically and you will receive all minerals.

Robot mining and finding a planet to dig

After you created your account you can start digging minerals on planet. For that you will need your GalaBot which is your free bot mining Glore minerals. There are few types of bots but for now we stick to GalaBot. Each bot has speed and capacity levels. Higher level more speed and capacity it has. You can upgrade your bots by using Gala token which is currency token in Zeepin chain ecosystem or by using same minerals it dig.

To start digging you first need fuel for your bot. It’s called force and you can get it every 30 seconds on your main screen. White dot will appear and you click on in to gain force. You can collect as many spots as you like or you can buy cards which give you force. You can also win those cards in ship exploration. After your force runs out your robot will stop digging and all minerals it dig will go instantly to your wallet/account. You can do multiple hits on that white spot so you can get more force at once.

There are three types of bots Gala,Grubber and Whale. They dig only one mineral each and you can have as many bots as you like. They can be bought in Game Store.

For now you can only dig on Consensus type planets. Nibiru type planets are not yet mine-able so don’t be surprised when you get a message that you can’t dig on some planets.

You can deploy one by one bot on a planet

or you can deploy more then one bot (can be max 9 on each planet you occupy)

Upgrading your bots

Like we said before you can upgrade your bot using minerals or using gala. It’s your choice how will you do it depending on your preferences. Buy upgrading level you will spend minerals or gala and 2 Gala tokens for transaction fee because upgrades are reflected on chain. There is a table created by community member which you can see all levels and costing amounts. After each upgrade there is a cool down period so be careful because if you use it before you will pay something more for upgrade.

After upgrade you bot will get more capacity storage, productivity and his work cycle will increase meaning it can dig much longer and bring you more minerals. If you for example see text like “Work cycle 40 min/Force” that means that this bot can dig for 40 minutes with full 6 force spots. And “Productivity per cycle 2.3” means for those 6 spots and 40 minutes you will get 2.3 minerals (numbers are imaginary just for this example).

Big thanks to Telegram community member @hit0ri who suggested many great things which needed explanation to new players.


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