CryptoGalaxy V2.0.9 is now live

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8. July 2019. by tompaCro
After a lapse of 2 months, CryptoGalxay is now updated to the new version 2.0.9, with bringing you a brand new journey of CryptoGalaxy space exploration.
CG V2.0.9 is now live
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Dear Space Explorers,

After a lapse of 2 months, CryptoGalxay is now updated to the new version 2.0.9, with bringing you a brand new journey of CryptoGalaxy space exploration. Let’s dig into the new features and changelogs!

Interface Update

➤ Added notification for the whole Galaxy network: Announcing high-quality rewards from launching spaceship explorations.

➤ Added system notification: Official announcements and big news.

Robots & Mining Mechanism Update

➤ Updated Galabot UI

➤ Canceled the limit on the number of robots you can own: The number of robots owned by each explorer is not limited, and the number of robots working online is not limited.

➤ Updated mining mechanism — distribute force stone to power your robots: In the case of multi-robots working, collecting the force will be too slow. So the multiple robots will be driven to work at the same time by the reasonable distribution of the force.

New step: distribute the force stone

Adjustments: A robot can work without the requirement of full force

Instructions: collect the force → distribute the force → choose a planet → start digging

➤ Reduced the total consumption of robot upgrades: Galabot — 30% reduction; Grubber — 15 % reduction.

➤ Increased the CD duration for robot upgrades: upgrading time is incremented by the levels.

➤ Increased mineral production to 5 ~ 8 times more. Glore +600%,

Beryl + 400%, Sapphire+180%.

*The proportion of each period of mineral output will be slightly adjusted according to the mined output.

Exploration Update

The rewards you got by launching the spaceships will be presented in the game.

➤ Due to the massively increased mineral production, the cost of the minerals for launching a spaceship is adjusted.

Pellaeon Class: 50 Glore/time (used to be 20)

Star Destroyer: 25 Beryl/time (used to be 20)

Prometheus: 12 Beryl/time (used to be 20)

➤ Updated in-game prize pool rewards with the opportunity to win ETH, BTC, and Planet, etc.

As the campaign progresses, the original rewards for each prize pool in the game will be significantly increased.

Prize pools:

Pellaeon Class: Glore, Beryl (greatly increased ), Geo pieces

Star Destroyer: Beryl, Sapphire, Gala (greatly increased), ZUSD, Bryne pieces, ETH pieces

Prometheus: Sapphire, ZPT, ZUSD, USDT, Planet, Exporation cards, Yuri pieces, ETH pieces, BTC pieces.

Rules and terms:

45 Geo pieces + 30 Bryne pieces + 15 Yuri pieces= 1 Planet (in-game page will show the progress)

15 ETH pieces = 1 ETH

50 BTC pieces = 1BTC


  • Planet can be converted directly in the game. The final interpretation is owned by CryptoGalaxy team.
  • Because there’s no support of token transactions that are not assets of Zeepin Chain. Other cryptos like USDT, ETH BTC will send to players’ wallets in 7 days, please contact the admin for pieces exchange to crypto rewards.

➤ The mini-game “Survivors” by dWin team has been implemented in CryptoGalaxy is giving weekly rewards in Gala to planet owners, please sign up!

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