How to create new account in Crypto Galaxy game

How to create new account in Crypto Galaxy game

Crypto galaxy
5. June 2019. by tompaCro

For all you new people who want to join Crypto Galaxy universe i say Welcome 🙂

Crypto Galaxy is blockchain game which is still new concept and in constant development. In this game you can play and earn on-chain asset which will go directly to your account. This is because your account is also your wallet which is great. By this you are in full control of your in game assets and you can send it , receive it , sell it and use it in game or share with friend and players.

When you download game from official site depending on your mobile device you will need to create new account so you can play.

When creating new account you set nick name, password, country where you from and have option to input alliance code. By entering the code you help the player who introduced you to this game because 5% or rewards goes to him. If you don’t enter the code those 5% goes back to the game ecosystem. You can use this code e4hbqo to join this alliance we build. In later stage we will organize reward system for all players.

After you input all your data you will get your keystore text which is your representation of wallet private key together wit password you set earlier. Keystore should be stored in safe and secure place on mobile phone or on PC (you can save QR code somewhere also). For password i suggest to memorize it or write it down on paper. Keep keystore and password separate because if anyone gets it they will have access to your account and all your assets.

 After you created your account and backup your private data you are set to go 🙂

In next videos we will show how to play this game on same demo account we created.

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