Crypto Galaxy bots introduction and how to empty them

Crypto Galaxy bots introduction and how to empty them

Crypto galaxy
11. June 2019. by tompaCro

In Crypto Galaxy there are several types of robots that can dig minerals on a planet. When you start you get GalaBot for free to mine Glore mineral. This is how you start.

After you progress in the game you can own more than one robot. You can even own more robots of the same type but you can only dig with max 9 robots together per account. Each robot have speed and capacity levels which you can upgrade with Gala tokens. Higher levels more minerals in less time you can dig from a planet. Each planet has daily mineral release so there is limited amount of minerals that can be dig in some period. This will be more important when more players come to dig on same planet. Just to remind you there will be total 4,100 planets released in this game so when more people come it’s better to own at least one.

In upper part of the picture you can see a places for some accessories which are probably going to be tools which will help you upgrade your bot even more (still unknown). For now GalaBot can only dig Glore mineral which can be used as trading asset on in-game marketplace called Dex (more in future posts) and you can use it together with Alchemolution potion  to mint Gold minerals. For now usage of Gold mineral is not yet known. They will revel it in near future.

Another usage of Glore mineral is space ship exploration (by Pellaeon class ship) where can you for some amounts of minerals fuel your space ship and send it to find resources (minerals of all types, crypto galaxy game cards and other useful game items) .

Second robot is Grubber bot. He can dig second mineral in Crypto Galaxy game, Berryl mineral, and it is used for trading and space ship exploration. If you fuel your Star Destroyer space ship class and send it to explore universe you may find in game assets and minerals but you can also find Gala tokens. Each ship exploration will cost you 2 gala tokens because all actions are done on-chain. And what ever you find out there it will be visible immediately in your wallet. This you can see in game or better see it in ZeeWallet dapp where you have full control over it. At the time of writing Grubber bot price is 25,000 Gala tokens. Those prices are still in experimental phase because in past they were much lower. I hope new update will sort this out (maybe this was temporary solution for restrict multiple account) and price will get lower.

Whale bot

Last one but most powerful bot for now is Whale bot. This both can  mine Sapphire mineral. Why do i say most powerful of them all !?

I say it because when you fuel  Prometheus class spaceship with Sapphire minerals you have a chance to find in-game items, Gala tokens, minerals of all types and most important asset THE PLANET! Beside Sapphire minerals you can also buy Explore card for ZUSD or Gala tokens and use it to send your ship to explore to search for unconquered planets.

Finding a planet is hard but if you have enough luck you can win most valuable asset in Crypto  Galaxy game.

With new updates there will be more options for you to do in Crypto Galaxy game. First goal is to get familiar with basic concepts of the game which are how to collect force, find a planet to mine and empty your bots.

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