How to play Survivor game

How to play Survivor game

20. June 2019. by tompaCro
Survivor in CG

If you are already familiar with Crypto Galaxy blockchain game then this game is just extension of Galaxy game for you but if you are not familiar go here and learn about it.

Survivor is mobile game integrated in Crypto Galaxy game via GalaxyPlay  which shall become hub for all future Zeepin dapps. You can open it via icon in down right corner  under your list of bots or go to Play menu in down right corner and select Survivors.

When you get in you will see nice looking planets which look like Crypto Galaxy game planets. Some of them are smaller and some of them are bigger. Each one has a number attached to it. Those are multiplayer which returns you Gala. In core this is nice looking betting game where you place your bets on one or several planets you think will survive alien ship attack. If you planet don’t get destroyed by alien weapon your Spaceman multiply and you get rewards. Each spacemen is 1 Gala equivalent and minimum you can place is 10 spaceman. You can place as many as you wish if you have enough Gala tokens.

You will have 90% change of wining X4 or X3.8 Gala reward while 10% chance of X16 or X40 Gala reward. Gala reward will split like 1% of Gala earned by you will be distributed to the loot box, 0.6% will be distributed to planet owners, 0.3% allocated to cover the cost of operation of the platform and 0.1% donated to the charity foundation. So your every win is deduced by 2% fee. For each turn you play you will need 2 Gala for transaction fee because all actions are reflected directly on chain.

If you consume more than 1000 Gala per game in total each time (sum of all bets in one turn), the probability of wining an exploration card will be hugely increased. The more Gala you consume, the higher chance you have to get an exploration card but only if your sum of bets per turn is higher than 1000 Gala.

In bottom left corner you can see history grid where all winning planets are showed. Grid has 5 rows with 10 columns so when it’s full it is a cycle of 50 plays. By having this you can try to create best tactic for you.

In down right corner is history of player wins and above that you can choose amount of spaceman you want to place on planets (10, 100, 1,000, 10,000 or 100,000).

If you participate in play every 3 hours you have a chance to get Lucky rewards. Those 1% fees that are collected are going into pool where every player who did a round have a chance to win some Gala. Still don’t know in what ratio those rewards are distributed. So basically just by playing few rounds you have a chance to get more Gala then you invested if price pool get big enough.

Crypto-insiders Tip:  you can come and play 20 min before timer runs out and place 10 Gala on all six planets just to contribute to reward pool and you will be eligible to participate in pool reward sharing 🙂

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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