Upgrading your bots and how to get Gala tokens

Upgrading your bots and how to get Gala tokens

Crypto galaxy
13. June 2019. by tompaCro

To upgrade your bots in Crypto Galaxy game you will need Gala tokens. Gala token is currency in Zeepin ecosystem and  one  of the tokens on Zeepin chain.

OK, now you know what Gala is but how to get it?

You can obtain Gala in several ways. First one is if you hold ZPT token, which is governance token in Zeepin ecosystem (Zeepin chain is dual token chain-more about this in future) , your Gala tokens are released over time. >For example if you hold 10,000 ZPT tokens you will have approximately 77 Gala token. You can find more info in Gala calculator site under which is built by Galaxy  –  Zeepin community member Henry (@henry_crypto known in Telegram groups). Depending on how much ZPT you hold you can calculate how much Gala you can get daily. If you are member of Telegram groups (you should be by now) you can also use Telegram bot and just type “/” command and you will get pop up with all possible options (this telegram bot is also made by @henry_crypto).

Second way is to do bounty tasks for free where you can earn free Gala (paused for now until new updates are done on chain).

Third way is by selling your minerals for Gala on Dex market in Crypto Galaxy game.

Forth way is to buy Gala tokens via PayPal option directly in game. You buy another token on Zeepin chain, ZUSD,  which you can trade for Gala in 1:500 ratio for now. This will change when Gala get on crypto exchanges.

Fifth way is that you can contact us @tompaCro in Telegram chat and we will send you some gala to start with (please only new members) because almost every important action in game requires Gala to pay for fees (2 Gala).

Unfortunately there is still no crypto Gala exchange but it should come by the end of Q2 or somewhere in Q3 of 2019.

There will be more ways to earn gala in the future. I can bet on it 🙂

Now when you know how to obtain gala let’s explain how to update your bots. If your bot is already digging on a planet you need to stop it first so you can upgrade it. After upgrades you need to get it back to work again (after 60 sec freeze time). By upgrading you increase bot’s speed and capacity levels.

Bot Upgrades

In table made by community member you can see 40 levels for all three bots and how much each cost you in Gala.

You can upgrade your bots to max level 80 but for that you will need great amount of Gala tokens. Not sure how much exactly but it is more than 1 million.

This data is from the period when Grubebr bot was 2,500 Gala and Whale bot was 10,000 Gala. Now those prices are different and will probably change in the future so take this numbers more as a guide lines.

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