How to use Dex market in Crypto Galaxy game

How to use Dex market in Crypto Galaxy game

Crypto galaxy
16. June 2019. by tompaCro
Dex marketplace

Let the trade begins !

Most important thing when you held any of the assets is that you need to have option to trade it. That could be with man to man, trade on centralized exchanges or in modern times (last few years) decentralized exchanges.

In Crypto Galaxy game you have all options. You can trade assets with other people via ZeeWallet one to another but there is the trust issue you need to take care of. To solve this issue OTC market groups are created where you have third side (escrow) an you need to pay a fee. In game you have Gala Bazaar which is a place where you buy in game items like explorer cards,force stones, force spots, etc. You can buy them for Gala or ZUSD and there is no fee for those.

And there is Dex market place (they call it decentralized exchange but we still don’t know all technical aspects of it). For now we need to trust them on that one. Here you can buy and sell all assets you can posses. Bots, minerals,planets are traded in here among players but with difference from Bazaar where you need to pay fees for every asset you sell. Seller pays the fees in range of 6%-10%  which is very high if you consider this is crypto game. I hope those fees will be much lower (once they were 0.2% – 0.5%) in the future so  Dex will be the place for us all to trade there. On Dex you can trade your assets for Gala or ZUSD tokens.

Under the Player tab which represents all assets traded by players you can see what player selling, what asset and in what amounts and properties of those asset if there are any (Bots and Planets have levels)  and of course price. You can place any sell order you want so there is no wright or wrong price. If you put high price asset will not sell so before you put something on sale look for prices. There are average trading price for last 7 Days which can help you (go to Market place menu).

For each sell order you put on Dex you will need 10 Gala listing fees and give 6%-10% to Dex when you sell it. If you buying you don’t have to worry a thing because all fees are payed by seller.

To help you find what you looking for you can use sorting options like in Discovery tab. You can sort them by price,category or asset but if you wanna see all assets you need them first load in the list by scrolling all way down to the last one. This is not practical so we as community (from telegram groups) are waiting for much better solutions to help us search what we want. We suggested Filters where you will be able to filter only assets you are interested in. Hope we will get them in next updates.

If you decide to buy an asset you like just click on Buy button and wait for few seconds (several block transactions). Dex will lock your transaction so no one can take it after you. And that’s it. Your asset is in your wallet.

When are you selling the asset you need to change to switch from Buy to Sell in Player menu. There you choose what asset are you selling and click Edit button. Now you set a price and choose currency (gala or ZUSD) and confirm your sell order. To put it on the Dex you need to Confirm it once more. When your item is sold you will get notification under Messages menu on Home screen (top right corner)

In video you can see it in real time.

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