How to use Find tab in Crypto Galaxy game

How to use Find tab in Crypto Galaxy game

Crypto galaxy
15. June 2019. by tompaCro
Ship galaxy explorations

After you collect enough minerals or you bought them on Dex marketplace you may want to explore the Galaxy. In Crypto Galaxy game you have three ships to choose from. Each one must be fueled with specific mineral and can find specific assets(+items) or even a planet.

First ship you can send is called Pellaeon class space ship. To send it to explore Galaxy you will need to fuel him with Glore minerals. When it goes into exploration you have a chance to find variety types of minerals.

Second one is Star Destroyer and that one will cost you Berryl minerals. Single exploration can bring you  Gala and different types of minerals in bigger amounts then Pellaeon class but you could also get different in-game items. I call them items and not assets because for now they are not on-chain like minerals for example. They are used as additional accessories for different in game actions. You can also buy some of them on Gala Bazaar.

Third ship is Prometheus. This one is most precious among all ships because when it goes to explore the Galaxy it can bring great gift of them all. The PLANET! For that you will need Sapphire minerals or Explorer cards which you can buy in Gala Bazaar. Beside finding a planet you can find variety of minerals or Gala and in-game items.

In all those explorations you can’t find ZPT or ZUSD tokens so keep that in mind.

Each in-game item has their own functionality. For now we don’t know all of them but some of them you can see on Gala Bazaar and some of them you can only find in ship explorations. You can read functionality of each one by holding you finger on it and pop up window will appear to show you what you can used it for. There are gene seeds, force stones that can replace your force for day,week, month or a year, cold freezer which will cool all your bots so you don’t need to wait 60 second for it, alchemolution potion that will mint Gold tokens together with 100 glore minerals. Rest of them you will need to find buy yourself while exploring Galaxy.

If you wanna use any of those items you just need to click on it and in down right corner you will have use button. To get into this menu you will need to click on Package in Home screen. On the picture showing Package tab you can also see another tab called Parts. This tab is still empty and we wait for news what will be in there. By the current information/rumors we got so far we can only assume that  there will be held parts for bots upgrades. Those parts will probably help you dig on Nibiru planets which are not mine-able for now. You can only dig on Consensus type planets for now. But let wait and see what future brings 🙂

"As I mention before almost all transaction you make in game are directly reflected on chain instantly"

For each exploration you will need 2 Gala for transactions fees because all the actions are reflected on the Zeepin chain instantly. 

What ever you get in those ship explorations goes directly to your wallet (minerals,tokens) or in the game inventory (items like force stones are not on chain).

In the video below you can see in real time how it’s done.


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